Change Consult Group

Change Consult Group was established on 28th November 2013 as a consulting firm, over the years, it has been providing different services to different organizations.

Registration with PPDA

The office of Public Procurement and Disposal Authority certified the firm and fully registered it in PPDA's suppliers database.

Registration with Registrar of Business names

Change Consult Group was established on 28th November 2013 as a consulting firm after being duly registered pursuant to and in accordance with provisions of the Business Names Registration Act (Cap. 46:02)

Registration with MRA

The firm is a fully registered tax payer.

Our Clients

Over the past years, CCG has provided different services to the following organizations
Sun Bird Capital, United Purpose, Pirimiti Health centre, Malawi Polytechnic, Motal Engil, Superior Halaal Meats

More On Us

We are a well established, organised firm with a wide network of experts in different areas, as such you are assured of professional service delivery and value for money.

We have a pool of Consultants in different areas well qualified and experienced in different areas. All our Consultants have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in their respective fields. 

Currently, we provide our services in these countries:

• Lilongwe, Blantyre, Mzuzu, Zomba, Mangochi, Mulanje, Salima, Nkhatabay in Malawi
• Lusaka in Zambia
• Johannesburg, Capetown, Pretoria, Durban in SouthAfrica
• Maseru in Lesotho
• Kampala in Uganda
• Zanzibar,Dodoma, Daressalam, Mwanza in Tanzania
• Gaberoun in Botswana
• Port Louis in Muaritius
• Kigali in Rwanda
• Cairo in Egypt
• Addis Ababa in Ethiopia
• Harare in Zimbabwe
• Antananarivo in Madagascar
• Nairobi in Kenya

1. Human Resource management and labour Management
2. General management and Administration
3. Information and Communication Technology
4. Insurance Management
5. Community Development
6. Procurement Management
7. Public Relations Management
8. Health, Safety and environmental Management
9.Tourism Management
10. Real Estates and Property Management
11. Project Management
12. Sales and Marketing Management
13. Education Management 
14. Finance
15. Audit and Risk


CCG provides the following services: Trainings, Research, Consultancy, Third Party Recruitment, Team Building, Event Management, E-Management Systems, Mediation of Disputes.

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